I’ve been screwed… Literally

Sunday was my birthday and boy did I have plans! Mary and I were doing the Johnny Mac Train Run (http://www.examiner.com/article/all-aboard-and-get-ready-to-run) and then it was my favorite night of the year, the Oscars. I love the Oscars. It’s my Super Bowl. It was an awesome plan. 

Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans. The night before the run had several inches of snow, followed by another few inches of sleet which then froze. (I hate winter. Have I mentioned that?) so the run was cancelled, which sucked.  But, we still needed to run so we did. It was icy and we had heard that you can put screws in your sneakers for traction. Mary’s husband looked at us like we had two heads when we got the drill and screws out. 

These are my old shoes, I would never do this with my new shoes. Did it work? Yes? I think so. It was slippery but I could feel some grip. It didn’t make things worse, so I’ll take that as a win. Still, it was icy but it was getting warm (I actually felt overdressed as we progressed and started to overheat) and it was getting slushy and wet. 

 You can see the ice turning to slush here. I can’t wait until I get to run in just my sparkle skirt and a t shirt, without the tights, gloves, sweatshirt and ear warmer. Seriously. 

Running through this is not my idea of a good time. That slush? It’s gets in your shoes. And then your socks get wet. Not fun. Mary and I both had to change our socks and shoes after this. 

We were supposed to do 6 miles at the train run. We did 4.25. I was fine with that. I always think that as long as you get out to run you are winning. 

Again this week I struggled with the 3/1 intervals. Halfway they we switched then to 2.5/1 and I liked that a lot more. Next week we have 12 miles scheduled and we are going to do 2.5/1 and see how we feel and then work out a plan for the DC Half. Right now my plan is to do 2.5/1 up to mile 10 or 11 and then drop to a 1/1. I’m hoping to come in with a 2:45 finish. That is 12 mins faster than my current PR. I think it’s doable. We’ll see. 

And in case you were wondering, I loved the Oscars. And yes, I did put out the Red Carpet!


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