Happy Valentines Day Runners!

This time last year I ran my first 5k in a very long time. It was 20 degrees and the course was ice covered. It was cold, but I was happy I did it.

Today, I’m contemplating my 9 mile run on the treadmill tomorrow morning. It’s not too bad out right now.

32 and snow flurries is actually fun to run in. But with my husband at work, I’m not going out. So it will have to tomorrow. Of course, the high tomorrow is 19 with a low of 0. Dreadmill it is.

Thankfully, I missed the most recent episode of How To Get Away With Murder. I’ll be watching that while in the treadmill. Hopefully I don’t fall off.

I hate the treadmill. It’s so easy to quit on it. At least if I’m running outside and want to quit halfway I need to run back to my car.

So anyway. Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m wearing my Valentine’s Day Jamberry Nails (which you can buy at LindsayAndGirls.Jamberrynails.net)



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