Will winter ever end?

It was another long run this weekend in wintery conditions. I’m so over winter. Actually, aside from the snow and some ice on the ground Sunday’s run wasn’t too bad. It was about 40 degrees. It wasn’t raining and it wasn’t windy. So now I’ll stop whining about winter.

Our plan was 10 miles, they were a good ten miles. The Old Bridge Road Runners are awesome and they know where all of the trails have been plowed. They were meeting at a state park by my house at 9 so Mary and I met each other at 8. Our plan was to run a few miles, meet up with them and then finish. As a slow runner, running groups are intimidating. They are fast. They talk about doing a slow 8:45 pace. I couldn’t do that if someone was chasing me. But they are a very nice and friendly group.

So Mary and I started at 8. We did 3.5 miles and then met the group (we stopped for about 10 minutes but I forgot to pause the garmin) and then continued on our run.

Usually we run through this parking lot, onto a boardwalk through a marsh and then to a dirt path. That was not an option due to the snow. So we took a selfie.


We ran up a lot of hills. I always think the park is flat if you are on the roads. It isn’t. (This park also has actual nature trails which we’ve done occasionally. They are beautiful. But not with a foot of snow)


I’m still struggling with the 3/1 interval. I’m going to really check my splits next time because I don’t think we are going any faster. That might just be in my head though. I’m remembering that at this point, this is a mental game with me. I’m still re-training my body to run that extra minute. I’ll get there, but I’d like it to be sooner rather than later.

We finished in a very respectable time of 2:16, and that includes the 10 minutes that we hung out with the running group. Our goal for Rock and Roll DC is 2:45. There is no reason why we shouldn’t achieve that goal. None.

We have 9 miles scheduled for this upcoming weekend. Hopefully the weather cooperates.


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