Registering for Disneyland Half? Tips and Tricks

Official registration for the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend opens on Tuesday! If you are an annual passholder, congratulations! Hopefully you have already registered. (One of the perks of having an annual pass to Disney is that they open select spots a few weeks early)
If you aren’t an annual passholder, well your time is near. So what do you do???
Registration opens in Feb 10 at NOON eastern time. First things first. Today, go into your work calendar and block 11:30-1:30 as unavailable. Or better yet, go right now and schedule a vacation day or plan to come down with a cold and take a sick day. You really want to make sure you are free from distractions while you are trying to register.
Second: have everything you will need ready at hand. You will need your birthdate, address, credit card, shirt size and proof of time.

What is a proof of time??? This is not necessary but very helpful if you want to be in any corral other than the last. They will ask for your estimated finish time. What’s this? It’s the time in which you *think* you’ll be done. If you are going to put anything faster than a 3hr 15 min time you will need to provide a proof of time. This needs to be from a timed race with results posted to a website (presumably so that someone from RunDisney can check it) you’ll need to give the race, date, length of race and finish time. (So if I have a proof of time from the Rock and Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon it will look like this: Rock and Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon 9/25/14 13.1 miles 2:57:30). What if you’ve never run a race before? No worries! You have a few months to put in a time, but if you already have one you should put it in now so that you don’t forget. If you don’t put in a time (10k or longer, btw) then you will be placed in the last corral.

Ok, so you have everything! Now, go to the RunDisney website and click on the link to register. These races fill up FAST. (Especially for this years Disneyland Half as it’s the 10th anniversary) so sometimes the link doesn’t open or the site crashes. If this happens, go to the RunDisney FB page or Twitter and they will post a direct link.
Once you are in, quickly and carefully input your information. Make sure that your birthdate is correct. If it starts to freeze up DON’T go back and start again. Just keep hitting refresh. It will eventually get through.

So what happens if you don’t get in? Relax! There are other ways. Certain travel agents and charities are given a number of bibs. You can find these charities on the RunDisney website. Each charity has fund raising requirements and you usually get things like discounted hotel rooms and park tickets. Travel providers also can be found in the RunDisney page. They usually require that you book a minimum stay in a resort through them. (I’m fine with that. You are going to need a hotel anyway) and usually come with a park ticket.

Once you are in, congratulations! Now, download the Galloway plan for your race and TRAIN. Lots of people are mistaken and think that a race at Disney isn’t hard because it’s Disney. It’s hard. You’ll be happy that you trained.

Good luck and happy registering!!


2 thoughts on “Registering for Disneyland Half? Tips and Tricks

  1. Thanks for this! I’m planning on doing the Dumbo Dare. You know when I registered for the Princess I put in the wrong birth date? I put the 13th instead of the 14th by accident. Do you think that will cause a problem?


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