Halloween Half? Count me in!

When we found out that RnR Philly was being moved because of the Popes visit I was pretty bummed. I get it, you certainly don’t need a big road race with the Pope in town, but still. That was a good fall half. 

Mary sent me the link to the superhero half that was falling on Oct 18 about a half hour from my house. The best part? It was $30!!! And it has a medal! And they give out candy! 

Since its halloween and superhero themed I feel like I must have a costume. So do I go superhero and test out an outfit for avengers? Or do I go full out costume and dress as Mary poppins? Stay tuned!


I’ve been screwed… Literally

Sunday was my birthday and boy did I have plans! Mary and I were doing the Johnny Mac Train Run (http://www.examiner.com/article/all-aboard-and-get-ready-to-run) and then it was my favorite night of the year, the Oscars. I love the Oscars. It’s my Super Bowl. It was an awesome plan. 

Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans. The night before the run had several inches of snow, followed by another few inches of sleet which then froze. (I hate winter. Have I mentioned that?) so the run was cancelled, which sucked.  But, we still needed to run so we did. It was icy and we had heard that you can put screws in your sneakers for traction. Mary’s husband looked at us like we had two heads when we got the drill and screws out. 

These are my old shoes, I would never do this with my new shoes. Did it work? Yes? I think so. It was slippery but I could feel some grip. It didn’t make things worse, so I’ll take that as a win. Still, it was icy but it was getting warm (I actually felt overdressed as we progressed and started to overheat) and it was getting slushy and wet. 

 You can see the ice turning to slush here. I can’t wait until I get to run in just my sparkle skirt and a t shirt, without the tights, gloves, sweatshirt and ear warmer. Seriously. 

Running through this is not my idea of a good time. That slush? It’s gets in your shoes. And then your socks get wet. Not fun. Mary and I both had to change our socks and shoes after this. 

We were supposed to do 6 miles at the train run. We did 4.25. I was fine with that. I always think that as long as you get out to run you are winning. 

Again this week I struggled with the 3/1 intervals. Halfway they we switched then to 2.5/1 and I liked that a lot more. Next week we have 12 miles scheduled and we are going to do 2.5/1 and see how we feel and then work out a plan for the DC Half. Right now my plan is to do 2.5/1 up to mile 10 or 11 and then drop to a 1/1. I’m hoping to come in with a 2:45 finish. That is 12 mins faster than my current PR. I think it’s doable. We’ll see. 

And in case you were wondering, I loved the Oscars. And yes, I did put out the Red Carpet!

Happy Valentines Day Runners!

This time last year I ran my first 5k in a very long time. It was 20 degrees and the course was ice covered. It was cold, but I was happy I did it.

Today, I’m contemplating my 9 mile run on the treadmill tomorrow morning. It’s not too bad out right now.

32 and snow flurries is actually fun to run in. But with my husband at work, I’m not going out. So it will have to tomorrow. Of course, the high tomorrow is 19 with a low of 0. Dreadmill it is.

Thankfully, I missed the most recent episode of How To Get Away With Murder. I’ll be watching that while in the treadmill. Hopefully I don’t fall off.

I hate the treadmill. It’s so easy to quit on it. At least if I’m running outside and want to quit halfway I need to run back to my car.

So anyway. Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m wearing my Valentine’s Day Jamberry Nails (which you can buy at LindsayAndGirls.Jamberrynails.net)


Will winter ever end?

It was another long run this weekend in wintery conditions. I’m so over winter. Actually, aside from the snow and some ice on the ground Sunday’s run wasn’t too bad. It was about 40 degrees. It wasn’t raining and it wasn’t windy. So now I’ll stop whining about winter.

Our plan was 10 miles, they were a good ten miles. The Old Bridge Road Runners are awesome and they know where all of the trails have been plowed. They were meeting at a state park by my house at 9 so Mary and I met each other at 8. Our plan was to run a few miles, meet up with them and then finish. As a slow runner, running groups are intimidating. They are fast. They talk about doing a slow 8:45 pace. I couldn’t do that if someone was chasing me. But they are a very nice and friendly group.

So Mary and I started at 8. We did 3.5 miles and then met the group (we stopped for about 10 minutes but I forgot to pause the garmin) and then continued on our run.

Usually we run through this parking lot, onto a boardwalk through a marsh and then to a dirt path. That was not an option due to the snow. So we took a selfie.


We ran up a lot of hills. I always think the park is flat if you are on the roads. It isn’t. (This park also has actual nature trails which we’ve done occasionally. They are beautiful. But not with a foot of snow)


I’m still struggling with the 3/1 interval. I’m going to really check my splits next time because I don’t think we are going any faster. That might just be in my head though. I’m remembering that at this point, this is a mental game with me. I’m still re-training my body to run that extra minute. I’ll get there, but I’d like it to be sooner rather than later.

We finished in a very respectable time of 2:16, and that includes the 10 minutes that we hung out with the running group. Our goal for Rock and Roll DC is 2:45. There is no reason why we shouldn’t achieve that goal. None.

We have 9 miles scheduled for this upcoming weekend. Hopefully the weather cooperates.

Registering for Disneyland Half? Tips and Tricks

Official registration for the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend opens on Tuesday! If you are an annual passholder, congratulations! Hopefully you have already registered. (One of the perks of having an annual pass to Disney is that they open select spots a few weeks early)
If you aren’t an annual passholder, well your time is near. So what do you do???
Registration opens in Feb 10 at NOON eastern time. First things first. Today, go into your work calendar and block 11:30-1:30 as unavailable. Or better yet, go right now and schedule a vacation day or plan to come down with a cold and take a sick day. You really want to make sure you are free from distractions while you are trying to register.
Second: have everything you will need ready at hand. You will need your birthdate, address, credit card, shirt size and proof of time.

What is a proof of time??? This is not necessary but very helpful if you want to be in any corral other than the last. They will ask for your estimated finish time. What’s this? It’s the time in which you *think* you’ll be done. If you are going to put anything faster than a 3hr 15 min time you will need to provide a proof of time. This needs to be from a timed race with results posted to a website (presumably so that someone from RunDisney can check it) you’ll need to give the race, date, length of race and finish time. (So if I have a proof of time from the Rock and Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon it will look like this: Rock and Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon 9/25/14 13.1 miles 2:57:30). What if you’ve never run a race before? No worries! You have a few months to put in a time, but if you already have one you should put it in now so that you don’t forget. If you don’t put in a time (10k or longer, btw) then you will be placed in the last corral.

Ok, so you have everything! Now, go to the RunDisney website and click on the link to register. These races fill up FAST. (Especially for this years Disneyland Half as it’s the 10th anniversary) so sometimes the link doesn’t open or the site crashes. If this happens, go to the RunDisney FB page or Twitter and they will post a direct link.
Once you are in, quickly and carefully input your information. Make sure that your birthdate is correct. If it starts to freeze up DON’T go back and start again. Just keep hitting refresh. It will eventually get through.

So what happens if you don’t get in? Relax! There are other ways. Certain travel agents and charities are given a number of bibs. You can find these charities on the RunDisney website. Each charity has fund raising requirements and you usually get things like discounted hotel rooms and park tickets. Travel providers also can be found in the RunDisney page. They usually require that you book a minimum stay in a resort through them. (I’m fine with that. You are going to need a hotel anyway) and usually come with a park ticket.

Once you are in, congratulations! Now, download the Galloway plan for your race and TRAIN. Lots of people are mistaken and think that a race at Disney isn’t hard because it’s Disney. It’s hard. You’ll be happy that you trained.

Good luck and happy registering!!


Like most of us, I think the “like a girl” campaign is awesome. I run. I run like a girl. It’s awesome. My husband doesn’t run. Most people are surprised when my husband mentions my long runs. Then they ask if he runs too and he laughs and says no.

I’m the first to say that one of my favorite parts of running is picking out a race outfit. It’s fun. And I like it.

I wore this to run the marathon at Disney, complete with Maleficent horns. I had a great time with my girlfriends planning our race outfits. Men don’t know what they are missing.

I run in a skirt and men think that’s weird. Actually, some women think it’s weird too. I wear skirts for a few reasons. I think they look cute. They have tons of pockets and my butt is covered. My skirts are awesome. I also like pink sneakers. That doesn’t mean I only wear pink sneakers, it means I prefer pink sneakers. I also prefer to save $20 and get blue ones. That doesn’t make me more of a girl or less of a girl. It makes me a smart shopper.

At some point, we as people, need to stop putting things in gender categories. At some point, men need to realize that women are the ones who continue our species. Could you imagine if men got pregnant? Gained all of that weight, couldn’t drink for 9 months and then had surgery to remove a human being. OMG. They’d declare themselves heroes. Like a girl would mean something totally different.

I shouldn’t have to declare that I run like a girl. I should be able to shout from the rooftops that I am a marathon runner and that should be just as awesome as a man running a marathon too. Last time I checked, the marathon distance was the same for everyone. We all cross the same start line and the same finish line.

I’m a mom with 2 preschoolers. I work full time. I have a husband and I run. I run #LikeAGirl. And it’s important that my two daughters know that I can be their mom, have a job, have a husband and take care of myself. Do something for myself. I don’t just run for me, I run for them too.


6 months ago, we never would have done this

It’s been three weeks since 26.2 and there are six weeks until the Rock and Roll DC Half Marathon. We, Mary and I, signed up for this one not too long ago. We both like DC and we both wanted a race on our schedule for after the marathon. This fit the bill.

Who is Mary? You’ll hear about her a lot. We’ve been friends since middle school, we run together and usually when I have a hare-brained scheme, she’s involved. (Our husbands are probably not overjoyed by our friendship). Anyway. We did most of our long runs together when training for Disney and now we do our long runs together training for DC.

Since we aren’t starting from scratch this time, we played the last few weeks by ear. We skipped running completely the week after the full (we deserved it) and did an easy 5 miles last weekend. Then during the week we decided to find a regular 12 week plan and do the last six weeks. We decided to use the Hal Higdon Intermediate plan (found here) which had us doing 9 miles this morning. We looked at the course map for DC and saw that there is a nasty hill at mile 5 so we wanted to include some hill training. And, since we would like to improve our times a little; we switched our run/walk from 2/1 to 3/1.

I met Mary at her house and it was a brisk 25 degrees and it snowed a few days this week so we decided that the condition of the roads/trails we would decide how far to go.

This was a new trail and it is beautiful.


Seriously. When you think of New Jersey, you don’t usually think of this. (It’s one of my favorite parts of running, discovering how beautiful my state is. )

The trail was VERY hilly and some parts were very icy. We decided that we would take it slow and see how it went. One of the first hills we came to was pretty steep. We huffed and puffed our way up it and didn’t stop until we got to the top. We were about 2 miles in and we worked for that hill. And that’s when Mary said “you know, six months ago we never would have done that” and she’s right. Six months ago we would have looked at the hill and walked or started to run up and then stopped half way up. We struggle with hills (who doesn’t?) so it was nice to see some improvement.

We kept going, and Mary dropped her vest off because she was getting warm and eventually we’d turn around and pick it up. Unfortunately, her phone was in the pocket and that messed up our map my run. Oh well. As we ran up and up those hills we ended up on a reasonably busy street. We decided that at 3.5 miles we’d turn around. At this point I started to struggle a little. For 6 months we did a 2/1. My body knows when those two minutes are up and the last half of this run was hard. I need to re train my body to realize that 3 minutes is when I stop.

Going down a hill that was covered in ice was fun, but slow because we aren’t trying to kill ourselves.


There was another woman running on that ice. She said she put screws in her shoes. Not sure how that works out, but it might be something to think about. All in all, it was a nice run. I don’t even feel like I cheated myself for not doing a full 9 miles.


Here are our stats. Not a horrible time for 7 miles of icy hills. And the elevation came out funky when Mary left her phone in her jacket pocket, but you can see how high we were at that point. We kept going up for another or so too.

I have no idea what the plan calls for next week. I should probably look.

question of the day! What do you do in wintery weather for your running?